Cable Pulling & Jointing

At Cro-Bar Construction Ltd. we strive for excellence in everything we do. Customer satisfaction is the corner stone on which our business is built. As a supplier of services to both the Electricity and Telecommunications markets we can undertake cabling work of any size or complexity in both urban and rural areas on a national basis.


Cro-Bar Construction Ltd. has a record of delivering fast-track solutions to this rapidly developing market, thereby providing flexibility in meeting their individual client needs. We can adapt our resources without compromising any Health & Safety, Environmental or Quality standards.
With this in mind, Cro-Bar Construction Ltd. can provide turnkey solutions from Design to Construction and Commissioning.

Telecoms & Cable Television

Cro-Bar Construction Ltd. is a single source provider for delivery of advanced fixedline and wireless communications systems. Our understanding of the telecommunications business, coupled with our expertise in infrastructure development, operations and optimisation, provides our clients with fast, simple and highly effective means to achieve goals with maximum efficiency and minimal interruption.

Our offerings include

  • Ducting, chamber & cabinet construction
  • Cable installation – fibre, copper, co-ax
  • Trunk/Long-haul Route construction
  • Headened & Hubsite construction
  • Wireless network mast erection
  • Special Engineering Difficulties
  • Access network construction
  • Jointing, termination, testing
  • Blown Fibre Systems
  • Building Entries
  • Network Audits

Electrical Cabling

Cro-Bar Construction Ltd. are leaders in this very specialised field of electrical cable pulling & jointing. We employ the very latest techniques and technology in the undertaking of all our contracts, particularly in the field of electrical cable installation, where we use the very latest jointing methods.


Our employees attend comprehensive internal & external training programmes concerned with current legislation, health & safety procedures.

Computerised Readout Monitors

Our Computerised Readout Monitors record the pulling forces applied during cable installation, as well as calculating the average force being applied to the cable, measuring length of pull, detecting any pull forces above pre-defined limits and informing the operator by means of a sounder and alarm light if allowable pulling forces are being approached.